The Power of Listening to Achieve Meaningful and Productive Conversation

For hundreds of years, people have pointed out, “you have two ears and one mouth, use them appropriately.”
How often have we watched, (or participated) in a conversation where both or all parties seemed to be speaking and then waiting for their next turn where they repeat the same thing. Sometimes a little more passionately or with more conviction, (volume) only to be replaced by the next person who does the same thing.

You watch from the sidelines, or as a participant and wonder why they don’t listen to each other. Instead of waiting for their next turn to speak, while rehearsing in their mind what they’re going to say this time. This approach means that they aren’t listening to each other or seeking a solution. Remember you can’t argue or have a discussion with a closed mind.

To someone passing by this may look and sound like a conversation, but it isn’t. It’s two or more people endlessly repeating the same things with minor variation, hoping that the others will finally see the light, recognize their brilliance, and go along with their idea 100%. The likelihood of this happening is slim to none.

The problem is no one is listening, and when no one is listening to the other, it’s like hopping on the frustration go round riding it to the bitter end. Nothing is going to happen unless someone decides to listen, someone has to step away from their ego and try to bring the others back to reality. Hopefully, everyone is searching for a solution. Everyone is also interested in being heard.

How this happens depends on the number of participants, their position, how long this has gone on, and lots of other possibilities. The two main options are to try and get them to hear what’s going on and listen to each other or to acknowledge that they are not going to accomplish anything going on as they are and look for a solution to their issues.

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