The Power of Black Belt Focus

I was wondering one day about how many students who began Martial Arts went on to receive their black belt.  I typed in the question, and both Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers supplied the same result.  (see below)


Best Answer: “ There is no source that keeps all those stats. There is no central governing body that sets standards. What I can tell you is that in the late 1960’s Black Belt Magazine published the results of a U.S. nationwide survey on all styles of martial arts. At that time less than 3% of all students ever became a black belt. Of the few that did, less than 50% of them reached second degree black belt. At that time there were no children allowed to train at most martial arts schools. So there were no children that were black belts.

With all the McDojo out there you can walk into most any one of them and see a large percentage of the students wearing black belts. That should tell anyone that something is very wrong with the standards today. It certainly is not that there are better instructors. It is that requirements have become a joke. The good news is that there are still a small percentage of instructors out there that still use the old standards for training, and rank.

I felt very fortunate in having come from a school that held to the old standards for training and rank.  Putting aside the comments, which I agree with, about the quality of current black belt training, etc.  I still believe in the Power of Black Belt Focus.  However, I obviously don’t believe that all black belts have this power.

I do believe that it can be found in athletes, scientists, students, electricians, musicians in fact, people from any walk of life can discover this power that was a changing point in my life.  Finding this power within myself has lead me on a search for answers as to how anyone can can find their power through focus and apply it in their lives.

P.S. a special thanks to Master Foster for allowing me to use this picture and to all the Black Belts and students that have enriched my Martial Arts Journey.

Rick McLeod. 4th Degree Black Belt.

Director I.R.M. Coaching Associates

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