Goal Setting

It’s almost that time of year again when we rush to make a list of things, we will call goals for the next year.  Oh, it looks so bright and shiny when we first make it.  Unfortunately, a little tarnish begins to appear, and far too soon, this promising shiny list that was so full of hope and promise lies forgotten in a corner above the trash. Where it is all too soon unceremoniously deposited with its unfinished projects, hopes and dreams for your future.

So, if that’s plan A, I think we need to find Plan B.  Let’s list everything we want to do on a piece of paper, go wild nothings off the table, climb a mountain, swim in all the oceans, hike a famous trail.  List the next ten countries you want to visit, take time to chat with your neighbors instead of just waving and moving on.

Don’t forget the small things as you make your list.  Are you all done? Excellent, we will take this one list and make it into four called one year, five-year, lifetime, and “wouldn’t it be nice if list.”    

Pretty easy to see what the first year will be, projects and goals you plan to accomplish in one year.  These projects etc. now must be broken into steps and the steps given completion dates.  You will be reviewing this list monthly.  The five-year list has goals that will take more time and may even have some of their steps in your one-year plan.  The lifetime list will contain things you want to accomplish during your lifetime, but you don’t see it happening within the next five years.  For example, you want to hike a famous trail, but it’s in another country, you’re out of shape, you have no experience or a passport.  You can start preparing now, however with all you are doing; it may take more than five years before you are ready to try.  The “wouldn’t it be nice if list” could contain things like visit ten countries.  Since you plan to spend two weeks or more in each, you might only make it to 8 due to family commitments and whatever else occurs in your busy life, but wasn’t it great that you made eight of the ten.

Rank all the items on all the lists from most important to least.  As you finish an item from your yearly list, see if there is something on each of the other lists that you can move down. 

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

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