I’m not sure how many people will remember the acronym G.I.G.O. If you do, you will remember it stands for garbage in garbage out. This was a term widely used in the computer area during its rapid growth era and referred to programming and design, garbage input made for garbage output.

So, let me ask you a few frank questions. How much garbage are you allowing into your life? What kind of input do you regularly consume? What do you think is the effect of consuming this swill on you, your health, your family, your job and on your life? Remember garbage in…

Whose dream are you living by watching these adds, playing these games, sharing other peoples, “lives” online? What kind of long-term relationships are you developing? I am not advocating a complete abandonment of your pastimes or keeping in touch with friends far away. However, I have spent some time over the past few weeks myself deleting people from my pages etc. people that are not a positive influence on my life. If you spew hate, I don’t care if you are a relative, you’re gone. I am perfectly willing to have you disagree with me, how else can we grow, but if you are advocating hate, violence, or conspiracy theories, I don’t need the turmoil in my live. You are the weakest link… goodbye. If you repost any of the above, I will snooze you for 30 days, after all we can all make mistakes but repeat it and bye-bye.

The only one who controls the type of information that flows to you is you. Yes, they are working on eliminating unsubstantiated posts but still it comes back to you. My advice is that this is one area where you have the power, so use it.

Eliminating stories of hate, violence etc. from your life will have a positive effect on your attitude both towards yourself and your friends and family. Goodness knows we need more kindness and understanding in the world today. It starts with protection you attitude and whether you decide to control it or let it be manipulated by others.


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