Daily Discipline

Are you moving steadily towards a goal, or are you bouncing from task to phone call to meeting at the whim of others? If so, you will find yourself in the same spot in a year that you occupy right now.

Discipline starts with when and how you get up every day. Adjustments may occur due to your schedule or that of family members. However, there is a set time to rise and a progression of activities before you head out the door.

Many people say to me that they tried, but it just didn’t work out for them. I was in the same boat, and like them, I discovered a boat powered by good intentions only was bound to sink. For me, having several things I wanted to accomplish each morning meant some were getting missed or cut back because I forgot them and went on to something else and tried to squeeze in some time for them later.

It was only after establishing a set a routine with a definite wake up time while getting the proper amount of sleep and corresponding bedtime that I could see progress towards a morning routine that met my requirements. I needed to wake up my body, wake up my mind and set myself up with the proper mindset to face the day with positive energy. Here’s what I do.

I wake up, do the necessities, stretch for 6 minutes to get the blood flowing and feed Max the cat. Max assures me that this step is not negotiable. Then it is time for a coffee, two short video clips on business and life success that I subscribe to, followed by reviewing my mission, vision etc. These are things that are important to me. Then 10 to 30 minutes reading a business, biography or motivational book followed by meditation. I journal my goals, write a thought for the day, review my plan for the day, any meetings and the top three items on my list. I make the bed, and then I’m ready to work.

It took me about two years to arrive at this schedule with many additions and deletions along the way. I recommend starting smaller. Pick a few items that would be best suited for you to start your day, and that’s where you begin. Add others as you discover them and be prepared to drop items as soon as you feel they are not working. Be open to trying new things as you find them through reading or videos.

How are you going to keep track of your morning routine? If you are like me, you will add things and forget things or get distracted and miss things completely. I finally had to chart out my morning routine (and evening routine.) I now have a list and checkboxes for every item daily, which I review on Sunday as part of my weekly planning. This procedure keeps me from forgetting any item, and I have a chance to reflect on what’s working, what may need tweaking or eliminating.

So, let’s get a morning routine and be ready for the day instead of letting it overwhelm us.

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