Busy Does Not Equal Productivity

Are you confusing being busy with being productive?  Do you put off major tasks to get the quick satisfaction of completing a relatively meaningless task?  Are you hiding from success behind a to do list stuffed with unimportant, in comparison, jobs?

Stop right now.  Don’t do another thing without answering those questions.  Well, do you see yourself there?  Which one describes you best, or is it all of them?

Now, this is important.  It’s not the number of tasks that you complete that counts but how much time you spend working on, and not avoiding, the important tasks that count.  Busy work will not make you successful, nor will it make you a lot of money or bring you personal satisfaction.

Everyone whose work you read or who you listen to keeps telling you to make a list, get it out of your head. So where ‘s your list?  If everyone keeps saying to do it, don’t you think there has to be a good reason behind it?  Let’s face it your brain is like the cluttered attic in your grandparents home, lots of unlabeled boxes, projects never completed, do-dads and whatnots from the past along with items dragged out only for special occasions.  Not to mention dust, cobwebs, it’s poorly lit, and it’s hard to move around.

There is no map to the attic telling you, spring yard decorations, northwest corner shelves 2 and 3.  Just like you, without a map or list you’re stuck stumbling around in your brain discovering unfinished tasks, things you forgot to do at work, promises you didn’t keep, undone commitments and forgotten chores.  These things keep floating up to your awareness when you’re trying to focus and dedicate time to something important because you are keeping them in your memory instead of creating a list of what you need to do.

List making is a topic for another time, but I have to mention that once you create your list, you should mark it as to what’s urgent, what you can delegate, what you take off the list (not important,) someday it would be nice if, home, car, etc.

Write it down, all of it, categorize and calendar what’s coming up soon and forget about it.  You don’t want to be doing a presentation for a potential client or your boss where everything is going smoothly, the slides are perfect, everyone is engaged, and suddenly you remember,  you have to pick up milk and bread on the way home.

I hope with this brief article you can kickstart positive change, this can be a difficult journey – but it is one where I can guide you in. Book a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to unravel areas that may be holding you back.


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